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Houlagans’ Rest is a rescue of last resort, accepting dogs from municipal kill shelters who have no rescue interest, no adoption opportunities, and no time left to live.

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​About Us


The images of stranded, desperate animals left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina catalyzed my sister and me to become involved in animal rescue. When Katrina struck, we were at Cape Fear, North Carolina enjoying a wonderful beach combing vacation. Relaxation gave way to horror at the sight of the devastation to the Gulf Coast. Returning home, Debbie answered an email pleading for drivers to take veterinary supplies to the Gulf and to return with homeless pets. Standing in the parking lot of the Pearl River SPCA, Debbie walked up with a little bag of bones disguised as a puppy. A dull coat and pot belly couldn't hide the amazing optimism of the chocolate merle dog. So thin that his skin tented from his spine to his hip bones, he was one of the nine Catahoulah Leopard Dog mixes not chosen by other transporters. With supplies and man hours in short supply, the rule of triage dictated that the malnourished, ill litter would be euthanized. Determined shelter workers kept them alive and hoped for one last transport. We were it.

To this day, we treasure friendships forged in those days and we continue to work with homeless dogs. Unknown to us, that moment in the Pearl River parking lot launched our criteria for dogs coming into our care: homeless, unwanted by other rescues, and slated to die within hours. We became a Rescue of Last Resort.

Dog of the month:

Zoe is a sweetheart. She loves to offer her paw or rollover on her back. She also likes to run around with her food bowl, looking very adorable. During some cold weather she enjoyed a foster stay. She was very good in and out of the crate. Unfortunately, she wasn't so thrilled to share the home with another dog, so she would be best as an only dog. 

Want to know more about fostering or adopting one of our dogs? Please reach out to us at or submit a foster or adoption application. If your Spam or Junk folders don’t gobble up our response, you’ll hear from us right away! 

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